About Us

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics Scoreboard Department is responsible for the creation and operation of graphics and animations at various events, including sports, concerts, and more.  Our staff is primarily made up of Ohio State students.

There are two main aspects of the job: running the scoreboards during events, and creating new animations in our office.

  • A schedule of upcoming events where scoreboard student staff is needed will be posted onto WhenToWork.com.  This is where students can review the events calendar and request to pick up shifts.
  • Scoreboard operators are responsible for:
    • Displaying the proper graphics during each event.
    • Anticipating game actions to run appropriate animations during various sports.
  • You can also schedule time to come into the office on weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm to work on new animations.
  • We prefer you bring your own laptop with your own software, but a student workstation is available with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Create a new animation, such as “Let’s Go Bucks” / “Make Some Noise” / or a dancing Brutus!

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